The Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra & Choir leadership is composed of an Administrative Council and several committees. These individuals strive to provide the orchestra with guidance throughout our mission, as well as performing regular duties within the orchestra for the betterment of all members.  Information on the duties of each of our leadership roles can be found here.



Executive Director & Founder: Kira Levitzky

Kira founded the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra & Choir in 2013. While at college at the University of Maryland majoring in music education, she was selected to become the conductor of their Gamer Symphony Orchestra. During her tenure, she went on to work with video game composers such as Austin Wintory (games such as FlOw, Journey), Geoff Knorr (Civilization V), and Grant Kirkhope (Donkey Kong game series music.) She conducted that group for five years to upwards of 1,700 audience members and after graduation, went on to found the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra. She conducted the BGSO for the first three years of its existence before handing the baton off to another so she could focus solely on administration duties.

Ms. Levitzky has recently completed a Master’s degree in Kodaly General Music Education at Loyola University in Baltimore and currently teaches music at the Baltimore International Academy. In her home life, she has two adorable children and a loving husband who all support her musical dreams. 

She can be reached at


Orchestra Coordinator: Cheryl Carr

Cheryl joined the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra & Choir in late 2016 on flute and piccolo at their previous home at Baltimore International Academy. In early 2017, after the orchestra moved to their new home at the Sollers Point Multipurpose Center, she was tasked to help answer emails, send out weekly rehearsal reminders, and update the website. In 2019, she was given the task of the official Orchestra Coordinator to assist Kira with the management of the orchestra. 

Outside of the orchestra, she is a Registered Veterinary Technician in a small animal hospital. When she's not spending the bulk of her free time practicing BGSO repertoire or working on BGSO duties, she enjoys attending various musical performances, playing video games, role-playing bards in D&D, learning/playing additional "flute type substances" such as tin whistle and ocarina, and hanging out with her three cats. Her all-time favorite video game would be "Myst", although she also enjoys anything from the Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, or Final Fantasy game series!

She can be reached at


Music Director, Tad Howley

Music Director, Tad Howley

Music Director, Tad Howley

Tad was one of the original members of the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra & Choir, having joined initially on trombone in 2013. He began officially directing rehearsals and conducting the orchestra in March of 2016 and is still the current conductor of the orchestra.  Even when Tad is not working with the BGSO, his career keeps him in touch with musicians from all walks of life as the Retail Manager for the Bel-Air Music & Arts store.  He is currently engaged to one of the BGSO's lovely oboe players, Tara Jade, and performs with two other groups. He performs on bodhran and voice with a local Irish folk group, Watling Street, as well as the United States Ocarina ensemble, Ocabanda. 

He can be reached at


Choir Director, Ethan Hart

Music Director, Tad Howley

Music Director, Tad Howley

Ethan joined the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra & Choir in 2014 as a member of the low brass section. He became the choir director in 2016 and continues to do so currently. Outside of the BGSO, Ethan teaches music for Anne Arundel County Public Schools in Maryland and is married to a lovely lady named Kayla who is often seen volunteering as a 'roadie' for the BGSO by taking photos and helping set up displays. He also performs along with Tad, in the Irish folk group Watling Street on various instruments such as electric bass or ukelele as well as voice.  Ethan is willing to teach anyone how to sing and encourages anyone who wants to join, but doesn't play an instrument to try out the choir!

He can be reached at


All Committee chairs can be contacted via Please include the committee name in the subject line of the email.


Chair: Jacob D.

Members: Tad H, Ethan H, Carrie W,


Chair: Carrie W.

Members: Kira L.

Financial Advisory / Fundraising

Chair: Tara Jade

Members: Kira L.


Chair: Jackie T.